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Our Team

Hilary and Kelly are the founders of Rooted Connections and at the heart of the team.  However, knowing the value of collaboration, we frequently work with other facilitators and outfitters such as Breakwater Expeditions.

Hilary Moses, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in four states and have been engaged in nature-based healing professionally since 2001.  My mother would tell you that it started long before that, when she would find me, as young as at age 4, rolling around in puddles at the bottom of the driveway and lying beneath trees staring up at the branches. I spent the first 15 years of my career as a wilderness therapist and clinical director for two renowned programs, where I facilitated individual, group and family therapy with adolescents and young adults.  During that time I developed curriculum and engaged in my own training for nature-based healing and with guiding rite of passage experiences in the wilderness. Since 2015, my focus has been as a business owner and parent coach with Solutions Parenting Support, where we support parents with struggling adolescents and young adults.  I have also recently enjoyed working as an adjunct faculty for the MSW program at ASU and serving as board president for the Tucson Waldorf School.

For more information about parent coaching with Solutions Parenting Support, visit: 

Kelly Weld, MFT

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT),  an Individual and Family Life Coach, and a Certified HeartMath Practitioner.  For over 25 years I have supported hundreds of individuals and families while working in a variety of settings including wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. As the director of a therapeutic school, I developed and implemented school-wide Psychology and Emotional Intelligence curriculum. As well, I have a long history of facilitating multi-day family immersion workshops, parenting seminars, and leadership trainings both in-country and abroad. Now I work for myself; I support clients of all ages as well as family systems.  I currently live in the Pacific Northwest; my hobbies include learning new things, being in nature, and enjoying good people.

For more information about life coaching services, visit my website.


Why Go on Retreat with US?

There are a number of retreat companies out there, so why choose RCR?

What makes us so special and unique?

1) Both Hilary and Kelly are licensed clinicians and experts in our field.  With 35 years of shared experience (and 15 working together), we are seasoned professionals as well as good friends.  We both have an extensive history of supporting individuals and families through transitional times, and have each worked as program administrators for therapeutic organizations.  We are good at what we do, and we are even better together!  We share ideas and energy; we learn from each other and laugh often. 

2) Our trips are fun as well as meaningful. We travel through amazing destinations that bring a sense of wonder and awe, and work with incredible people who continue to expand our RCR community. We don't "do therapy", but rather let the experience itself be therapeutic.  Nature, community, and laughter are healing; we augment the process via intentional activity and conversation. 

3) You will walk away with tangible skills. A lot of what happens on our retreats is organic; we provide opportunities for personal reflection so that individual insight can surface, as well as group sharing so that we can connect with and learn from each other.  However, we do offer tangible skill-building so that we can bring helpful tools back into our daily lives.

4) You will create shared memories. You will meet incredible people, grow your community, and create shared memories. If you travel alone, you won't be for long.  If you travel with your spouse (on a Parents Journey, Adults Journey, or Family Journey), or with your children (on a Family's Journey), you'll share a pivotal and foundational experience that continues to give! 

Kelly and Hilary host a monthly RCR alumni call to maintain connection and growth.

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