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Colorado River and L.V.  NV

Women's Journey: Hybrid Nature Retreat
October 18-22, 2023


Join us, supported by Breakwater Expeditions, as we embrace adventure on water and land.  On this women's only retreat, we spend two days paddling the lazy Colorado River after putting in at the base of the Hoover Dam.  We will explore hot springs and natural sauna caves, and have a night of shoreline camping.  From there, we transition onto land, enjoying home-style comforts, a beginner-friendly guided rock climb in Red Rocks Canyon, and a final evening on the town including Cirque du Soleil!  

10,000 Islands, Florida Everglades

Adults Journey Feb 2024

Info coming soon!

Join us in the mysterious and ancient, Everglades National Park! Comprised of 1.5 million acres of Florida’s vast landscape with labyrinthine waterways and white sand beaches of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Reserve. Our expert guides and program developers create an experience custom to the group’s needs and desires.  We aim to engage you with adventure, to help you be unexpectedly awe inspired and connect with each other through thoughtful conversations.  Through creating a safe, comfortable and fun adventure, we invite you to disconnect from the day-to-day to reconnect connect with your self and nature, to be unexpectedly awe inspired and to connect with each other through thoughtful conversations.  We ignite adventurous souls to enhance their own lives so that they can enhance their communities once back home. 

All trips include pre and post-travel calls to aid in preparation as well as integration. Further support is available upon request. Contact us for information about individualized trips.

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