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Who, What, Where and Why


The question, "Why?" is an easy one for us to answer.  Because we love it. And believe in it.  

And we love to work and journey with other wonderful people, in stunningly beautiful places.  

Because we love to feel awe.

Because the research supports this model; the effects of intentional, nature-based immersions are profound and potentially life-long.  We are certified instructors of evidence-based practices which deeply impact the body (biochemically), emotions (hormonally), mind (neurologically), and consciousness (through insight, intention, and consistent action). 


The "Where" is also easy, though always growing. Our destinations include Prince William Sound, Alaska, The Upper Colorado River (NV) and the Green River (UT), the San Juan Islands (WA), and more. We are planning trips to the Everglades and to Yellowstone National Park (for a backpacking and whitewater trip). As well, we are researching other destinations for various workshop models.  



The "What" is encapsulated by the description of the Black Canyon trip:

"The Black Canyon section of the Colorado River starts just below the Hoover Dam. We paddle 45 miles over the span of 5 days, exploring slot canyons and basking in natural hot springs.  With intentional conversations aimed at deepening our relationships with ourselves and each other, this retreat is geared towards individuals and families who wish to "unplug and dive inward".

As well, the "What" is best described by our Photo Gallery and Testimonies.


The "Who" is all of us.  Come join!!

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