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What should I expect?

We will work to deliver an experience that is right for you!  Some of our retreats are for particular groups (whole families, parents of struggling kids, women only, etc), and some are more rustic than others (backcountry vs. front country locations). Some are a bit more “expedition-focused” and some more “location-based”; we head North to the glaciers as well as South to the tropics. 

So “what should I expect” is a challenging question to answer based on your selected trip.  What we can confirm is that we will offer connection, reflection, and information all within a visceral that makes us come alive in our bodies and souls.  We will play within the natural environment and often provide a “challenge element” (via an expedition, on a ropes course, or a meditation mat!). We will provide comfortable lodging (regardless if that includes a thermarest and tent, or an indoor bed) and excellent cuisine (we can accommodate your dietary needs!) We will put our energy in you so that you can recharge and rejuvenate.



Will I need a lot of gear?

Almost all of the gear needed (even for our Alaska Expeditions) is provided for you, though you may need your own long underwear or swimsuit depending on the location!


Will we be doing therapy?

Yes and No.  Being in nature is highly therapeutic!! As is laughter. Breaking out of our everyday routines and taking a break from technology is therapeutic. Trying something new, different, and appropriately challenging is therapeutic. Meeting great people and building community is certainly therapeutic.  Journaling, reflecting, and sharing/listening with others are therapeutic.  Participating in ritual and ceremony is therapeutic.  So yes, this is a healing trip. 

The founders and facilitators (Hilary and Kelly) are licensed we can go as deep and wide as you need!  This is true on our pre-and-post calls, as well as during the retreat itself.  In general, though, the experience itself creates the magic, though we provide daily themes and intentional conversations to further the process.



Will there be bathrooms?

Yes and No :) Our front-country trips have all the creature-comforts... including flush toilets.  Our backcountry trips also have bathrooms; some are campground outhouses, and some are “travel-toilets” that we bring with us and manage for you. They are clean, comfortable, and functional!



What will I leave with?

An experience that you can always build and reflect on. We leave with a fresh energy and new understanding of ourselves.  Our challenge elements push folks to go beyond what we thought we were capable, so we leave better knowing our strengths. We leave better knowing ourselves through our reflective exercises and discussions.  We share mindfulness and body-based exercises to invite presence and sooth our nervous systems which you can practice at home.  And we leave with new friends and a growing community that we continue to connect with via monthly alumni calls.



Why should I sign up?

Because you do so much for everyone else....maybe it’s time to give to yourself??

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