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A Mindful Moment

Initiate an online search on "mindfulness" and the resources are endless. The effects of mindfulness on the brain have been in practice for centuries and the research has been underway for decades. Rooted Connections Retreats has a goal, a tenet really, to help you

disconnect from your day-to-day and from technology so that you can reconnect with nature and reconnect with yourself. And, while we want you to do that through coming on adventures with us, we also want you to do that in the 30 second passing moments of your life.

So, to keep it simple for yourself, to set yourself up for success, all you need to do to start your daily mindfulness practice is to take a walk or step outside somewhere and notice the ways that spring has spring. You can take a broad look, a sweeping view, while breathing deeply and truly notice. You can also take a bit more time for that closer look that allows you to see a bit more of what is happening in the awakening of spring around you.

30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes. Every day. Period.

I hope you enjoy these from my morning walk around our property as I noticed the unfurling of spring in ways that I had not before.

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