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Uncovering Intention

“What is calling you to this experience?”

This is one of the first questions that we ask of participants interested in our “soul seeker” retreats, where we explore together the questions that necessitate an inward look to discover our answers.

Often, it is life’s transitions that create the internal stirrings; transitions that ask something of us and milestones that invite us to wonder how we have been showing up in our lives and why. Or perhaps it is brought by moments when there is something required of us and we are not sure if we have what it takes, or journeys that pull from a distance, even when we aren’t clear of the destination. These experiences ask us to look in the mirror to discern what exactly it is we are bringing for the journey, and what is truly needed.

At times, when we start asking the questions, there is an internal voice that tugs at us, makes the foundation of self-trust slippery, makes us wonder if we have what it takes, if we are good enough to manage the path forward.

To guide our soul seekers, one practice that we incorporate is the development of the intent statement. When I learned about intent statements as part of the preparation for, and experience of, the vision quest rite of passage (mine were guided by the School of Lost Borders), I understood that the process was about rediscovering my gifts, claiming them and bringing them back to my life - for myself and for my community.

The intent statement becomes a recognition of what we have within, even if we don’t always believe it, that allows us to say “yes” to whatever the call that life is presenting.

It was during a 6 mile hike along the coast of Sucia Island that I found my latest intent: “I am a light, illuminating paths, guiding myself and others toward awesomeness.”

Whether it is with or without us (though, we think we are great), we hope that you explore your questions and discover your gifts.

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