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Witnessing the Work

Alaska 2021

4 families, 11 participants and endless moments of witnessing the work of being in nature. Maybe I should save it for last but I just cannot hold myself back from sharing the standout moment, which happened on our first full day of paddling, when, during one of our pitstops, childlike playfulness broke through this previously brooding teenager, as he ran up and down the stream next to which we enjoyed lunch. With playful perseverance, and in freezing water I might add, he stood up having caught a spawning salmon with his hands! There was a visceral change in him...he shined and he showed up in a new way, which sustained for the duration of the trip.

Our time together included days of endless sun, refreshing dips in the waterways of the Prince William Sound, hikes along rivers and waterfalls, licking glacial ice, exploration, connection, communication, and courageously facing challenge...our youngest member, a 10 year old, set a record for 1000 paddles in a row!

While individuals reached out for support here and there, through conversation and coaching, ultimately, it was truly the work of nature that we each witnessed through our time together. Can't wait for next year! Thanks Breakwater Expeditions!

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